As an award winning professional makeup artist, one of our founders had used and recommended a well known professional brand for years, with her benefits being limited to the "industry standard" pro discount.

At deChabre Cosmetics, we value professional makeup artists.

Our Pro Program reflects this by rewarding makeup artists and providing them with opportunities to transform their makeup artistry business.

Transform your makeup artistry business

Is your current professional makeup brand offering you profit from the sale of products to your clients?

deChabre Cosmetics does!

Join deChabre Pro and we'll help you go beyond earning money just from makeup artistry and transform your craft into a wildly successful business with multiple revenue streams.

Member Benefits

Pro Discount

You receive a 30% discount off all purchases through our website.

And that’s where most makeup
brands stop!

On-Sell Products

Unlike other leading professional makeup brands, we allow (actually we encourage) you to on-sell our products to your clients.

You can buy product at your 30% discount and on-sell to your clients at full retail price!

Commission & Rewards

When you refer a new customer to us you will receive 10% Lifetime Commission on all future online sales to that customer!*

We also reward you for introducing new makeup artists & stockists to us.


A number of professional makeup artists offer workshops, training sessions and other events for their clients.

We will sponsor and assist you with these events, for example by providing host incentives and special discounts for the event.


We promote you by recommending your services to our customers, and sharing your work through our social channels.

To have your work featured on our social channels simple #dechabrepro

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take full advantage of the Pro Program?

The easiest place to start is by using your pro discount through our online store.

If you take pictures of your work and post to socials, just describe the products used and #dechabrepro - that tells us we can feature your work on our site and socials.

To take your makeup artistry business to the next level, join our deChabre Affiliate Program - as a deChabre Pro member you are automatically eligible, but will need to register separately.

Are there any restrictions on on-selling products purchased with my discount?

The only restriction is that you cannot sell our products through third party websites or through telemarketing.

You are free to sell our products directly to your customers, including through your own personal websites and social media.

How do I earn commission for online sales to my customers?

As a deChabre Pro member you are automatically eligible to join our deChabre Affiliate Program, but will need to register separately.

Then, when you introduce a new customer to deChabre Cosmetics, you will receive 10% Lifetime Commission on all future online sales we make to that customer! 

It's as simple as sharing your unique code and / or links provided to all of your customers!

For more information, see our deChabre Affiliate Program.

What is Lifetime Commission?

When you refer a new customer to us via your affiliate links and/or coupons codes, they will be tagged as a customer referred by you for life.

From then on, every time your referred customer orders online, you receive 10% commission on the sale.

This is a powerful tool - a single referral by you can lead to income for years!

This benefit can only be accessed by joining our deChabre Affiliate Program - you are automatically eligible as a deChabre Pro member.

Can I earn other rewards for referring customers?

All deChabre Pro members also have access to our customer Rewards Program.

Through that program, you can earn $20.00 for each referral of a new customer through the "Refer a Friend" section.

If you refer a new customer through the customer Rewards Program that section, you don't earn Lifetime Commission for that referral.

This is the option our members choose if you they don't join the deChabre Affiliate Program. Think of this option as as affiliate lite!

Do you offer mentoring to help me maximise my earnings?

deChabre Pro provides a framework for you to earn more from your artistry, but we realise that it may be daunting to put all the pieces together and work out how the program can best work for you.

We are always happy to help our deChabre Pro and deChabre Affiliate members in maximising their potential earnings.

Just reach out to us at and we will arrange a telephone, zoom or face to face meeting to discuss how the program can best work for you.

How do I arrange sponsorship?

Just reach out to us at, with information about what events you are looking at running and our representative can call you to discuss how we can help.

For example, if you are running a workshop or training session for your customers, we can provide host incentives and / or additional discounts.

I want to run events, but don't know where to start - can you help?

We have run workshops, training sessions and other events in the past and have standard formats that we know work.

We are happy to discuss these formats with you and help you build a custom event that works for you.

Just reach out to us at, and our representative can call you to discuss how we can help.

How am I rewarded for introducing a an MUA or Stockist?

Simply introduce a NEW Professional Make Up Artist or Stockist to us. When they make their first purchase, you will receive $100.00 credit to spend at our online store.

To let us know of the introduction, you should let us know by email to

You should also ask that the Professional Makeup Artist or Stockist advises us of your introduction.

As a deChabre Pro member, do I still need to join the deChabre Affiliate Program?

As a deChabre Pro member, you receive pro discounts, can on-sell products, are rewarded for referring MUAs and Stockists & can access sponsorship and promotion by us.

By also joining our Affiliate program, you can increase your income through Lifetime Commissions on your referred customers - this is a powerful benefit that you wouldn't want to miss out on!