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Gel Eyeliner Pencil
Adorn (v) Bronze Baroque (v) Gold Ivy Green Mystic (v) Silver grey Noir (v) Black Sienna Brown Voyage Blue + 4 more
Aquamarine Eyelights Avalanche Icy white with opal overlay Brass Eyelights Bronze Gold Rich bronze with gold overlay Carnation Soft frosted peachy pink Chill Icy silver white Chocoholic Eyelights Gold Star Dark gold Gun Metal Eyelights Horizon Eyelights Impact Eyelights Lemon Lime Eyelights Lilac Eyelights Love Potion Multi-sparkled pink Millionaire Green with gold reflects Mint Chocolate Eyelights Mysterious Eyelights Plum Wine Eyelights Promise Eyelights Queen Frosted sandy gold Satin Sheets Soft coralish pink Soft Rose Eyelights Sundance Eyelights + 20 more
Eyeshadow Trio
Devilish Devilish Flirt Flirt Girlie Girlie Glamorous Glamourous Grounded Grounded Mischievous Mischievous Passion Passion Retro Retro Serenity Serenity Smokey Smokey Stormy Stormy Sunkissed Sunkissed Vamped Vamped VALENTINES DAY SURPRISE! Valentines Day Surprise! + 11 more
Browblender Pencil
Blonde Browblender Pencil Dark Taupe Browblender Pencil Soft Taupe Browblender Pencil
Brow Definer
Brunette Brunette Dark Taupe Dark Taupe Soft Taupe Soft Taupe
Brow Balm
Blonde Blonde Brunette Brunette Deep Brunette Deep Brunette