Member Benefits

Pro Discount

You receive a 30% discount off all purchases through our website.

And that’s where most makeup brands stop!

On-Sell Products

Unlike other leading professional makeup brands, we allow (actually we encourage) you to on-sell our products to your clients.

You can buy product at your 30% discount and on-sell to your clients at full retail price!

Commission & Rewards

When you refer a new customer to us you will receive 10% Lifetime Commission on all future online sales to that customer!*

We also reward you for introducing new makeup artists & stockists to us.


A number of professional makeup artists offer workshops, training sessions and other events for their clients.

We will sponsor and assist you with these events, for example by providing host incentives and special discounts for the event.


We promote you by recommending your services to our customers, and sharing your work through our social channels.

To have your work featured on our social channels simple #dechabrepro

Terms & Conditions

  1. Membership is available to Professional Makeup Artists working within the industry.
  2. Students enrolled in a course may be admitted as provisional members.
  3. deChabre Cosmetics is entitled, in our absolute discretion, to approve or reject applicants for membership of the deChabre Pro Program.
  4. deChabre Cosmetics reserves the right to cancel membership and / or change the member benefits and terms & conditions at any time, in our absolute
    discretion. No notice is required of any change to member benefits or these and conditions.
  5. Members will receive the benefits outlined from time to time on the deChabre Pro page of our website.
  6. Members must abide by the conditions of each benefit, including the conditions set out in the frequently asked questions section of the deChabre Pro page of our website.
  7. Any breach of the conditions will result in cancellation of membership and removal of benefits.