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Sheer Shine Lipstick
Beso Soft Plum with a warm undertone Bestie Neutral Red Brown with a warm undertone Had to be Hue True Nude with a Neutral Undertone Ingenue Neutral pink with a warm brown undertone + 1 more
Cream Lipstick
Belle Berry Deep Plum With A Brown Undertone Lustrous Latte Muted Brown with Cool, Blue Undertones Naughty Nude True Nude with Neutral Undertones Rambling Rose Plum Rose with Neutral Undertones Regal Red Vivid Red with Warm, Yellow Undertones + 2 more
Luxury Matte Lipstick
Hollywood Pale Rose with Neutral Undertones Melrose Mauve Pink with Cool, Blue Undertones Prima Neutral pink with a warm, yellow undertone Red Carpet Red with Cool, Blue Undertones + 1 more