What goes on in Vegas...
Stays on in Vegas


Great News... I’m back!
I survived and I wasn’t found sunburnt on the roof at Caesar’s Palace at the end of the conference. Haha

I once said that “There are no rules to makeup.  Makeup is an extension of your personality, an accessary to your wardrobe, something that empowers you and makes you feel confident.  No one should judge you so wear it loud and wear it proud”

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas where wearing it Loud and Proud and Big personalities go hand in hand.  Wow!!!  Too much is never enough in this town.  Looking around I felt like it was groundhog day set in the 80’s.  Everything is retro inspired from that decade ... everything that will hit us this summer.  That’s the great thing about America and Europe is that they are ahead of us in fashion and makeup so by the time we get it in Australia the looks have been filtered down as to what worked and what didn’t and we are left with the Best!

I’ve checked out the good, the bad and the very ugly and put together a spring/summer photo shoot showcasing what’s to come.  So exciting!  I love the bright colours here’s a sneak preview of what we have been up to at DECHABRE...


I also checked out what you all said you wanted so keep looking out for the new products to hit the DECHABRE collection this Summer.  Gotta love that!

One thing that I learnt from my time in Vegas is that the makeup you apply has to last. It has to tolerate the heat (most days were 47 degrees) and stay put till at least 6.30am... and that’s from lunchtime wakeup the day before.  HeHe.  I decided to test the BB Cream in the vegas extreme heat! A friend of mine uses it for Hot Yoga and swears that it doesn’t come off.  It didn’t! It stayed till I removed it and if I was too lazy to do so, it stayed till I woke up!!!!!  Another reason to love our BB Cream.

Chat Soon,