To BB or not to BB?

A day doesn’t go by without someone asking me “What is BB cream?”. Even professionals struggle with this one, so I thought I’d set the record straight.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that ‘everything old is new and improved again’, well BB cream, or as it was originally named Blemish Balm / Beauty Balm (depending on if you’re from the East or West), was created in the 1960’s by a German dermatologist who wanted to protect patients skin after surgery.  She managed to create the perfect marriage of makeup and skin care, delivering makeup that is good for your skin.  

Too bad it took us till 2012 to embrace this one! 

It’s the ultimate multi-tasker.  A moisturiser, primer, skin brightening foundation and SPF sunblock, all in one. BB Cream has a slightly heavier coverage than your average tinted moisturiser and the old adage “less is more” rings true with this product.  This is a sticky formulation and will leave some questioning its greasiness, but I have found the best results come from applying to a freshly cleansed face then drying it using a Micro loose transparent powder.   
At the end of the day it’s a pretty good product for those of us who are time poor and don’t want the fuss of layering products like moisturises and primer.  Shade choice is made easy too.  BB Cream is designed to oxidise when applied to the skin, therefore the colour self adjusts to match your skin tone.

Now that we know more about BB, we now ask “WTF is CC Cream?” LOL!!
... Well I’m off to the USA next week to check it out for myself, so I’ll keep you posted.
If you have tried CC cream let me know what you think about it and if so, should I have it in the DECHABRE range?
Chat soon