Pretty Amazing!

I have to confess that I’m a lover of celebrities without makeup articles in magazines. I rarely buy magazines, I hate the general read, but if a mag contains one of these articles, I’m as hungry for it as a kid in a lolly shop would be!

Funny enough, stats on the sale of these mags are far higher when they contain these articles. So there you have it, women around the world love the unattainable looking attainable.    

So if you are like me ... there are two pieces of advice here. Firstly, don’t just keep it to yourself ladies.  Our husbands deserve to see Cameron Diaz looking like crap too!  At least that’s my first agenda after purchase.  Hoorah ... a Cameron that looks normal and in some pics, pretty bad.  Secondly show your teenage daughter!
So many girls are unhappy with the way they look these days.  They want to conform and look like their favourite celebrities.  What your daughter doesn’t realise is that their favourite celebrity would also like to look like the way they look when their photo has been made Magazine ready!  If there was a makeup that contained the ingredient "Happy" or "Self Confidence", trust me, I’d have it in every line.
It’s formal time and many of the girls want me to make them look like a celebrity shot they have as a guide.  I find this difficult to manage as it’s hard when they’re blonde and they want to look like Kim Kardashian.  How do you politely tell them that I’m a makeup artist not a magician or plastic surgeon?
So girls, always remember most shots in the mags are altered in some way to make the subject more beautiful, or blemish free, or have a longer neck, or show longer legs, or ... the list goes on and on and on. 

Check out the pic below of Taylor Swift with makeup. I am shown this pic a lot.  She’s beautiful.  Without a doubt.

deChabre Cosmetics - Taylor Swift after image

Now check out a pic of her without makeup. Who would have guessed???

deChabre Cosmetics - Taylor Swift before image

I love transforming people and generally I would never put up pics of my work before and after but I want to share these with you. They are the most beautiful girls inside and out and I hope they know this.

deChabre Cosmetics - Chey-enne before image deChabre Cosmetics - Chey-enne after image
Before makeup After professional makeup and magazine ready  

deChabre Cosmetics - Katie before image deChabre Cosmetics - Katie after image
Before makeup After professional makeup and magazine ready  

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