Colour Psychology

You think that the way you dress gives people an insight into your personality or how you wish to be perceived ... well think again!!  It’s not just about the clothes. 

What about your makeup??? Choosing the wrong makeup can, in fact, make people view you in the way you were trying to avoid!  

Colour psychology can help you choose the makeup to use in order to give the right impression.
Did you know colours that you use around the eye area can affect the person viewing you?
Using this information can help you to show off personality traits you want to highlight ... and avoid the ones you wish to conceal. 

Black Eyeshadow
  Black suggests authority and power, especially around the eyes.
Black is depicted as a cool colour and is also seen as a stable strong colour.  Strong uses of Black (think eyeliner, blackened colour in the crease) are best for positions of power.
It is a good colour to use for a night on the town when you don’t want to seem vulnerable.
Black should be avoided in instances of care-taking. If your job requires you to be a care-taker or to be warm and welcoming, black should not be used! 

Brown Eyeshadow
  Brown says stable and reliable.  When you apply Brown to the eyes, you assert that you are trustworthy, dependable and humble.
When you are on a first date, brown shows that you are a great candidate for a long term relationship!  However if you are out to breakup, or if you wish to no longer maintain contact with the person viewing you, stay away from Brown!  

Brown is the perfect colour to be worn at interviews, especially for positions of child and age care.  Brown gives the impression that you are warm, caring and welcoming.

Blue Eyeshadow
  Blue is generally seen as a loyal, trustworthy and peaceful colour. 
Blue eyeshadows can look great and reflect a great personality ... the only issue is that blue often has multiple personalities.
Eg. Grey-Blues and some pastel shades of blue can make the wearer appear cool and uncaring.  These are stable colours that work great in the workplace and job interviews where the applicant wishes to appear ruthless yet dependable.  These shades should be avoided in positions where the desired look is warm and caring.
Bright Blues, Royal Blues and calm Oceany Blues appear trustworthy.
They are tranquil and peaceful. These colours are great for any occasion that you want to appear loyal, trustworthy and calm. 

Green Eyeshadow
  Green is about nature. 
It is also the easiest colour for the eye to take in.
Due to its strong suggestion of nature, Green is refreshing and Dark Green is considered refreshingly conservative.
The colour Green is believed to be able to help people during stress to relax.  
If you’re in a position where you must comfort people and help them feel at ease, wearing green around the eyes can help you achieve that goal and give the impression that you’re great at doing it. 

Purple Eyeshadow
  Purple is the most royal of colours. 
It suggests sophistication and wealth and sometimes, superficiality.
To make the most out of the colour Purple – subtle uses (such as in the crease or as an eyeliner only) can help the wearer appear top-dollar without looking fake! The use of Purple is great for – corporate functions, high school reunions, classy parties ... pretty much wherever you want to boast how well off and great you are.
Purple should be avoided in places where you want to suggest equality.  Purples should be avoided in job interviews for fear of appearing condescending for all the wrong reasons.

WOW ... makes you wonder what people thought of us in the “Eighties” when we had most of these colours going on at once!!! Lol.  
Have fun with it!!!

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