Can I Tell You a Secret?

I’m nervous... this is my very first blog! I’ve put off writing this for so long that now my house is spotless, my ‘to do’ list is noticeably shorter... I’ve run out of procrastination tools. 

I’ve been told it’s like keeping a diary... but I’m not a wordsmith, I create, my diaries are full of face charts and runway looks. I guess that’s really what I want to share with you here on our new website: 

... all the beautiful things; beautiful makeup; beautiful people; beautiful possibilities...

Welcome to the DECHABRE blog! My name is Cathy, I’m a professional makeup artist and I am truly, deeply, madly in love with makeup (and hoping you are too)! I’ve been part of the cosmetics industry in Australia for over 20 years and have had my own makeup brand ‘DECHABRE’ for just over four years. 

You will see a lot of me throughout the video series we have planned and I’m really excited to see my brand of makeup have a makeover of it’s very own and launch this week with our ALL NEW website! I would love you to take a look

My team and I have so many exciting things planned and they have all been planned specifically with you in mind. I hope you will be part of this journey; learn from our PRO Tips; watch our step by step video tutorials and try our products. I know you will love them, I do, I love every single one.

SNEAK PREVIEW to the next DECHABRE blog...

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