A great night in with your friends!

In the presence of your friends and using you as the model, one of our professional make up artists will take you step by step through the process of choosing and applying makeup that is right for your skin type, colouring and personality.

Whilst applying the makeup to you, our professional make up artist will show you and your friends some of the tips and tricks used by professionals. Not only will we share some tips on application, but also teach you about products that help keep your makeup in place for longer.

Your workshop will take about 3 hours and there will be ample opportunity throughout for you and your friends to ask questions. To create the right atmosphere, 6-10 guests (plus you) is ideal.

As the host, you will receive:

*  Free products to the value of 10% of the total sales at the workshop.

*  In addition, if total sales at your workshop are over $1,000.00 and you get one booking (for a deChabre Event) , you will receive a VIP Card. This entitles you to a 10% discount off future purchases made by you through our website and at Events.

All orders at workshops are to be processed and paid for at the workshop, with delivery to be made to you within 1 week. For the convenience of you and your girlfriends, we accept payments by credit card or cash.

Correct makeup choice and application is important – after all, it’s the best way to express your personality and compliment your wardrobe.

So why not grab a group of friends, some drinks and nibbles and host a deChabre Cosmetics Workshop.